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We're Creative

We excel at creating accurate drawings for spaces that don’t have them. We also can create all of your production drawings and control drawing management to ensure a smooth streamlined event.

We're Professional

Our precision drawings will increase the productivity of your design team, improve the quality of design and improve communications through documentation.

We're Engaged

We are not just "doing our own thing". We take the time to understand each project and the elements within it.

Introduction to Productions On Point

Seeing a need for a more efficient method to survey and layout event sites, Kellen McNally turned to the land surveying industry for help. Combining his background in technical production and having an understanding of the latest in surveying technology, Kellen created PRODUCTIONS ON POINT to fill this void.

Kellen introduced a new technology to the entertainment industry, in order to increase any production teams' efficiency and accuracy, and bring a high level of precision to their projects.

Please watch this 4:02 minute video showcasing some of our capabilites and projects.

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New York City Reel

Being NYC area based, PRODUCTIONS ON POINT takes pride in its involvement in many outstanding projects.

The need for clear, concise drawings and also the need to place events EXACTLY as drawn to conform to permits and regulations, has never been greater. All events within NYC require in depth overview, and PRODUCTIONS ON POINT excels at that.

Please watch this 2:48 minute video showcasing some of projects in NYC. ps We also travel!

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Our Team

Kellen Pic

Kellen McNally


Founder and brains behind the operation, skill sets that excel.


Nathaniel Tew

Project Manager

Lead Drafting Guru and Office Playlist maker.

The Baron

Office Dog

Web Developer

In a previous life, the Baron ruled the World, so we thought "why not!".

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Bob Westerfield

Project Manager

Website / Videos / Presentation specialist / friend of Office Dog

Carl Parquelle

CPP Ltd.

"Productions On Point delivered highly accurate drawings of a very complex space in short order, allowing us to save time and costs in the installation process."

Allyson Pait

Pait Productions

"Productions On Point amazed our team with its speed and accuracy in marking out our on-site installation."

Lorne Abbott

September 23, 2015

"Bringing Productions On Point to London was one of the smartest decisions I have made. Plus, it pays dividends each year."